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Veganism Definition

Veganism Definition

What does the term vegan mean?

Veganism is a special form of nutrition, which is related to the vegetarianism. Donald Watson invented vegan from the english word "vegetarian". He simply took the first three (veg) and the last two (an) letters and created the word vegan.

Veganism enholds the entire decline of all products with an animal source. Many fields of daily life, especially nutrition, cosmetics, and clothes are influenced by the vegan lifestyle. Vegan living people do not eat animals respectively their meat, no honey, dairy products and they also do not drink milk. Ethically motivated vegans as well do not buy leather, wool or silk and also avoid cosmetics with ingredients with an animal source  or if they base on animal testing.

For many vegans it also means empathy for other animate beings. Vegans do not want to exploit animals for nutrition, entertainment or the personal wellness for ethical and moral reasons.

Currently, about 10 % of all vegetarians are vegans 1. The number of of vegans is growing faster than the one of vegetarians. 

Versatile vegan nutrition

The vegan nutrition is well-balanced, but also very versatile. You can choose from a large amount of different and maybe before unknown foods. Because the ones who deal with the all herbal nutrition mostly get to know 'new' foods and flavors.

If you want to change your form of nutrition, then first take a look at your habits. How often a day do I consume animal products? Where are they in? Which of the things I eat are vegan already?

So living vegan does not mean having to disclaim something or only eating tofu all day. There is a high number of vegan alternatives, that replace animal products in taste very well.