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Ohelo - Nutrition Facts And Calories

Food Group: Fruits
Status: raw

The nutritional value, nutrition facts and calories refer to a weight of 100 g ohelo.

Depending on environmental conditions and because of processing the information may vary. Nutritional values and the calories for food Ohelo therefore for guidance only. The following list shows you the calories, carbs, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins of the selected food.


calories / energy 28 kcal
water 92.3 g
carbohydrate 6.84 g
fat 0.22 g
protein 0.38 g
Fatty Acids
trans fatty acids 0 g


potassium 38 mgcalcium 7 mgphosphorus 10 mg
sodium 1 mgmagnesium 6 mg

Trace Element

iron 90 µg
vitamin C / ascorbic acid 6 mgvitamin B1 / thiamin 17 µgvitamin B2 / riboflavin 36 µg
vitamin B3 / niacin 0.27 mgvitamin B12 / cobalamin 0 gvitamin A 42 µg